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Designing and deploying a website is one of the things an organization will have to deal with. Everyone is talking about the internet and the potential it has to make and save money. But what is a website? How does it work? Why is it different from producing other company information for distribution?

The World Wide Web, unlike any other means of communication, incorporates all the different medias into one medium. It incorporates text, video, audio, graphics and it is interactive. However the internet is only as difficult as you make it. Just like any other means of communication, you still have to get a message across, and you have to get your audience to receive that messge in such a way that they will talk about it with others.

SinPak Technologies' view of the internet and web design can be broken down into three areas: Content, Design, and Strategy.

SinPak Technologies can help your organization develop its content for the Web. Your website will be a direct reflection of your organization and its outward appearance. The more insightful your website is, the more your customers will come back to see what you have to offer, the more your customers will recommend your website to others.

The design of your website is very important. The design will enhance your customers visit, navigation through your site, and presentation of its information. If the design does not compliment what your website needs to convey the message can be lost. SinPak Technologies will help your organization design its website so that it compliements what is needed to convey. Just like an organization cannot mold its customers, we cannot try to stuff your website into an HTML template with predesigned graphics and "your company name" stencils. To enhance the design of your website we can make the most effective use of today's leading edge technologies from today's leading edge software and hardware manufacturers. We can use the best of ActiveX, Java, Video, Audio, and graphics. We can also incorporate the best of the Internet technologies like HTML, FTP, WWW, HTTPS, EMAIL, NEWS into your current internet setup, or start from scratch.

The strategy your organization uses to get the word out about your website is the most important part of creating a website. The internet is so crowded with so many web pages and websites that it is very difficult to distinguish your organization from the rest of the internet. Its deployment strategy and presentation is just as important if not more important that what your website has to convey, because if no one gets to see your website its message will be lost.

Finally no discussion on the internet would be complete without the Intranet. The intranet, to put it quite simply, is an internal website based on the same technologies that run the internet. But unlike the internet, the intranet is not bound by the infrastructure problems of the internet. When using the internet one must develop for a person using a modem and home computer. When using the intranet your organization is not bound by these issues because your organization has complete control of the entire network from the server to the desktop. This allows for more dynamic application design when creating an Intranet. The intranet can easily encorporate all the medias and be even more dynamic because it can also include data from your organization that was once hard to make available.

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